Sunday, May 15, 2011

2 Shots of Merecedes Benz Fashion Week!

Mercedes Benz fashion week and its designers are dominating our fashion world everyday with their innovative styles, shows and functions. So we are going to celebrate bazzarly voguers by taking double shots! No not the drinks people, but double the news. Yes two hot and current stories. We’ll start with a Back stage beauty trend! Braids ladies and fab gents have been the inspiration of designers and the trend is sweeping the runway showrooms of mbfw. Designers such as Nicholas K , and Lela Rose have infused braids on the models who grace their runways, no matter how they make the braid, soft fishtail like or rebelliously messy it will look fabulous and chic. Here’s something that TRESemme Stylist Team did that I have never seen on any runway. Small braids… in the front of the hair. Amazing. Try it ladies.  The next story would be of the mbfw designers rallying for japan relief. Labels like Ralph Lauren, Christian Cotta, Vera Wang and Calvin Klein are being the creative hero’s that they are, this time for a great cause. On April 28 the designer held a online auction to help fund the relief of Japan. It was called ‘’ Fashion and Friends for Japan’’ which shopping packages and exclusive fashion opportunities from the worlds greatest designers. What a celebration of fashion news this was huh?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wait... Is That Kate's Wedding Dress?


A couple blogs ago we talked about Kate Middleton’s dazzling wardrobe and how you can dress like the new duchess, not the dress is being replicated and sold to the public! However, making that wonderful dress is not the easiest task to create, but Raul Echeverria and his team at Alterations Boutique in Marylebone, London. Kate’s dress was designed by the late Alexander McQueen new team leader, Sarah Burton. The McQueen dress was made from the finest ivory satin and lace that was made with handcrafted flowers for that McQueenish spin. To prep for this replica Echeverria had to buy 33ft of lining, ten meters of Tulle for the veil, ten meters of netting 15 meters of satin and four meters of lace. This was not a cheap shopping trip; the total added up to $1,700. Since they did this amazing work in 5 hours they had no choice but to buy lace accented with flowers already. The dress is being replicated all over! But they must have permission from the house of house of Alexander McQueen to copy such a historic piece. Although the dress isn’t as over the top as Princess Diana’s, (beautiful fairytale themed gown designed by Elizabeth Emanuel with huge puff sleeves and a 25 ft. train.)  it is indeed a magnificent gown that is making major headlining news and trends!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

All Hail McQueen!

Yess! Rejoice Bazzarly Voguers, we finally have Alexander McQueen news! For those who have been living under a rock since the 90’s, Lee Alexander McQueen was a extraordinary world well known fashion designer. His sudden death by his own hand in 2010 did not change the uniquely ‘’Dark imagination’’ he possessed in his clothing, especially at not his celebratory opening of his metropolitan museum of art. Sarah Burton, leader of the Alexander McQueen team did exceptionally divine on the royal wedding dress and also on his exhibition ‘’Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty’’. With the help of florist Raul Avila, who lined the stairway of the extravaganza with heather and also beautifully decorated the Temple of Dendur with Topiary birds and boxwood hedges, hosts of the opening Vogue editor Anna Wintour, Actress Salma Hayek and her husband Francois-Henri Pinault, who happens to be the owner the McQueen brand Oww! Stella McCartney was also in attendance, and curator of the event, Andrew Bolton. They showed the artist’s love for the dark side of the Romantic Movement in a way that was personal and visually exquisite. The music that flowed through the event was of the threatening genre, the classical selection of Mozart Adagio. His influential creativity was from the era of Prim Victoriana, which showed in the clothes on display. Stella McCartney said at the event that ‘’ Lee would be so proud, and I bet he is looking down.’’ The fashion genius has had brilliant inspirations after another such as Jack the Ripper (One of my all time favorite crime cases) in his 1992 graduation show from Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design. And also the Highland Raping for his 1995 collection. It consisted of torn dresses and naked bodies with a wooden backdrop that was viciously smashed in. Along with the many Alexander McQueen runway shows that played, the centerpiece in the museum had shelves and cabinets of alluring and ‘’wild’’ accessories. This is a good way to show the world of the late designer’s work, in all its dark and decay looking glory.