Sunday, February 13, 2011

Calling All Style Stalkers! Upcoming Mercedes-Benz Fashion Shows Filled With Top Name & Fresh New Designers! Oww!

I feel strange. My Fashion senses are tingling divas and divos...and a couture mutation is happening!...Wait I think I know this feeling...state of the art runway, the world’s most creative designers in one haus, exotic models, Press and Paparazzi. Yes its true my chic darlings, Mercedes-Benz fashion week haus is going to be packed with designers, Fresh faces and legends along with their gorgeous garments WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE! According to Mercedes-Benz fashion the following designers will be showcasing their pieces; Calvin Klein's Men Collection will be shown ( Live Stream as well) on Feb.13, 2011 at 2:15pm, Tommy Hilfiger's Collection will be shown on Feb 13at 8:30pm, Donna Karen New York Collection will be shown on Feb 14 at 2:3--3:30pm, Betsy Johnson's Collection will be shown at 7pm, Badgley Mischka Collection will be shown (Live Stream as well) on Feb 15 at 10am. Furthermore Ralph Lauren Collection will be shown on Feb 17 11am. Fresh face designers include Mill by Michelle Smith on Feb 16 at 3:30pm, Narciso Rodriguez Collection will be show on Feb 15 at 9pm and also Ralph Rucci Collection will be shown on Feb 14 at 6:30--7:30-pm. You know what that means NYC fashion lovers; try to snag a seat if you can! and for all those people who can make it to these shows Mercedes-Benz fashion will have photos, video and more showcases than the one I have listed (P.S if you're interested in fashion design you should really look to theses fashion designers and their pieces for inspiration, trust me I do it all the time and it works like a charm!) Also I just want to point out that most of us Style stalkers pay most of our attention to the more established fashion designers, let’s start to notice these up incoming designers, most of them are college bound and have been mentored by the best of the best. Give them the encouragement to succeed because I would like the same thing when I reach to that status in my career!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Fashion Experts At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Help Instruct NYC High School Students About The Exhilarating World That Is The Fashion Industry

Ah! the noisy business filled, career-craving place that is New York offered one of it famous and fabulous industries a chance of a lifetime to 125 NYC public high school students. To actually teach them of  Mercedes-benzfashionweek. the ''Ins and Outs'' of the fashion industry. Mercedes-Benz's Fashion Week Organization partnered with the New York City Development of Education (DOE), The New York City Housing Authority, The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and Lincoln Center to put this event together of course to the kids who show much interest in high fashion in all of its entirety. In attendance were the fashion industry professionals such as stylist Lori Goldstein, Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer for Saks Fifth Avenue,Terron Schaefer  & Executive Vice President of Global Design for The Gap, Patrick Robinson. Impressive Huh? They need to honestly bring events like these to the DC ares, sounds like my kind of party! This event took place on Febuary 2, 2011 and was hosted by columnist Teri Agins for the Wall Street Journal. Judging by this info, it should be clear that it was a successful occassion.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

CHANEL's ''Haute Couture'' Term Graces Its Spring-Summer 2011 Runway Show

Ok divas and divos, before we get to the juicy details of this lavishing event that took place on January 25, 2011 at the Pavillon Cambon Capucines in Paris…you know, the insane celebrity list, ravishing Chanel looks and a review on the show from designer Karl Lagerfeld from, lets wrap our fashion-crazed minds around this ‘’Haute Couture’’  term. Any suggestions on what it exactly is?  Oh never mind keep your red MAC covered lips shut because Bazzarly VOGUE News is going to tell all! According to an article from Chanel news the French adore ‘’Haute Couture’’. The term was actually made an Englishman named Charles Worth around Napoleon III era. Oh La La! Fashionistas such as Callot, Patou, Lanvin and of course Coco Chanel took over the ‘’Haute Couture’’ title after Worth and it remains elegant and magnificent to this day. Alright dolls, no need to get your silk Chanel undies in a bunch here’s the inside dish on everything ‘’Haute Couture’’ Celebrities such as Kirsten Dunst, Janelle Monae, Vanessa Paradis and Pedro Almodovar all sat in the front row with that classic runway star struck gaze you may have seen. (Alexander McQueen’s runway gazes are my all-time favorites) if you click here you will be located to the video of the extraordinarily grand show. Three words…to die for! Designer Karl Lagerfeld’s inspiration for the show was Marie Laurencin who rocked the ‘’Haute Couture’’ looks in his favorite years of 1908 and the 1930s.Kirsten dunst stated ‘’ the music made me a little emotional. It was beautifully done.’’ Pedro Almodovar stated ‘’ I was shocked. Karl is not only a genius, he is so peculiar. This kind of mixture he makes of lightness and the spectacular is very difficult. It is almost impossible to be more subtle and at the same time so spectacular. I am very moved by the show.’’ I don’t know about you guys but I reading about these alluring runway shows make me wish I was there. Congrads Chanel!