Saturday, September 8, 2012

FNO Georgetown Review

Excuse me for this late review of Fashion's Night Out, Had to deal with the other side of my life. I went with my girls and it was pretty fun... However it wasnt as fun as FNO 2011. The only really awesome stores we went to were Juicy Couture (which was a great destination to shop, sample the new perfume, and take great photos in.) G-town's LUSH store was yet another amazing place to go. Aside from their numerous homemade cosmetic products just screaming to be bought, they had this new invention called "Word Up" which you will close your eyes for while they spin the makeup spinner. Then you open your eyes and pick the first three colors you see. Every color means something about you. My three were Power= Red, Independent=black, Charm =Pink. Too awesome! We also were treated like celebrities at CSUP, and Sports Zone. Plus they had a delicous DANCE FLOOR WAITING TO BE TORE UP! ... And May I not forget the free food! New creative places to shop, and our grand finale red carpet photo that i'll look back on years from now! So Yes, FNO was big fun! The only thing I would say they needed more of were perhaps reasonable sales, and a more inviting atmosphere in the stores.. I wonder how NYC's  FNO went?? 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Don't Forget Your Undies! This FNO!!

Of course, as most people in my life should know, i'm a New Yorker wanna-be ( & a really good I might add) But it's just yet another thing they can do that I CANT go see that I cant at the Calvin Klein NYC, Dwayne Wade!! & just because he wont be modeling off his signiture undies... And nothing else doesnt mean it will not be meaningful.. He will be at the infamous undies store on 654 Madison Avenue signing copies of his new memoir. " A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball" Although I feel like my struggling life story so far is a better memoir idea, it's still a fab opportunity to meet the handsome B-baller! Damn, im really wondering what Calvin Klein DC will be doing, cant really top Dwayne Wade though! I mean you should see me right now... Looking over,at the CK here just shaking my head.
Other important folks to take some snapshots with: The Creative Directors of CK Francisco Cost and Halo Zuccheli and Vogue's Virginia Smith! Well, if I were there shoot Id be in attendance, but since I can't you mine grabbing Dwayne Wade undies for me!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


OK, If your going to be in NYC.... AND I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT NEXT MONTH... i'm talking this upcoming week from September 6-13.. I Aris Nicole, am jealous! personal because I will not be in attendance. But nothing to fear! whether you will be there sitting amongst the stars or sitting in the library watching it live-stream like... someone I know. I am going to give the full out FW schedule! so it goes like this.. September 6, 2012  NICHOLAS K @ STUDIO 9:00 am, BCBGMAXAZRIA @ THEATRE 10:00 am, KAELEN @ BOX 10:30-11:30 am, RICHARD CHAI @ STAGE 11:00 am, CHADWICK BELL @ STUDIO 1:00 pm, TADASHI SHOJI @ STAGE 2:00 pm, MONIKA CHIANG @ BOX 2:30-3:30 pm, ARISE MAGAZINE PRESENTS AFRICAN ICONS @ THEATRE 3:00 pm.... ( there's more) SUPIMA, KATE WILKOFF, JACKIE SIEFERT, EDUARDO CALVO, ABBEY GLASS, KYLE PEARSON, MEREDITH LYON, NATALIE YEPES, YVONNE LUONG @ STUDIO 4:00 pm, FASHION'S NIGHT OUT (WORLDWIDE) 6:00-11:00, THE ART INSTITUTE OF NYC @ STUDIO 7:00 pm. So yeah, there so much we have got to see and this is all in one freaking day! I personal am exciting about the ARISE MAGAZINE! & their African icons showing, This is going to put African designers on thee MAP  for sure! GOOD LUCK TO THE DESIGNERS SHOWING ON THE 6TH... BREAKING A LEG WOULD NOT BE ENCOURAGING FOR THE MODELS... SO BREAK A.. CAMERA LENS WITH THE EXUBERANT & ASTONISHING PIECES GOING UP AND DOWN THOSE RUNWAYS!... BTW If youre like me and your still dreaming about going to fashion week WATCH IT LIVESTREAM!

The Event We Fashionistas Have All Been Waiting For!

Its FASHION'S NIGHT OUT! that is all the rave and crave of thirsty fashion suckers worldwide. The glamorous extravaganza happens this Thursday, September 6, 2012 and you've just got to be there! for those who aren't as well acquainted with this most marvelous day ever, I'll be glad to fill you in! Fashion's Night Out (FNO) is a global initiative to encourage us devoted shopaholics to support the fashion industry  through the worlds difficult economic climate. And as an added bonus, 40 percent of the proceeds from FNO sales will benefit the New York City Aids Fund.... Haute stuff! So basically, the more you shop that day at your fav house of couture the more they can improve and continue to deliver amazing collections throughout the up-incoming seasons to US all the while helping those in need. Works both ways right? Don't you worry, I'll be immensely updating you on all the news you need to know! So this ''Fashion Holiday'' is going to be happening everywhere, here in the USA, Australia, London, China, Paris, name it! even though I will be covering NYC fashion week, I just have to show love to my city DC! we do celebrate FNO (so whom ever thinks we don't get it right!) the festivities happen in the beautiful Georgetown! IT STARTS FROM 6-11! SO MAKE UP AN EXCUSE TO LEAVE WORK!...IT'LL BE WORTH IT! They will be like 100 places to shop and celebrate! for more info on FNO Georgetown go to and for more on FNO globally simply go to  for info on event listings near you! CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU AT FNO GTOWN! ... OR JUST RUB IT IN YOUR FACE THAT I WENT & YOU DIDN'T!