Saturday, September 8, 2012

FNO Georgetown Review

Excuse me for this late review of Fashion's Night Out, Had to deal with the other side of my life. I went with my girls and it was pretty fun... However it wasnt as fun as FNO 2011. The only really awesome stores we went to were Juicy Couture (which was a great destination to shop, sample the new perfume, and take great photos in.) G-town's LUSH store was yet another amazing place to go. Aside from their numerous homemade cosmetic products just screaming to be bought, they had this new invention called "Word Up" which you will close your eyes for while they spin the makeup spinner. Then you open your eyes and pick the first three colors you see. Every color means something about you. My three were Power= Red, Independent=black, Charm =Pink. Too awesome! We also were treated like celebrities at CSUP, and Sports Zone. Plus they had a delicous DANCE FLOOR WAITING TO BE TORE UP! ... And May I not forget the free food! New creative places to shop, and our grand finale red carpet photo that i'll look back on years from now! So Yes, FNO was big fun! The only thing I would say they needed more of were perhaps reasonable sales, and a more inviting atmosphere in the stores.. I wonder how NYC's  FNO went?? 

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