Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Event We Fashionistas Have All Been Waiting For!

Its FASHION'S NIGHT OUT! that is all the rave and crave of thirsty fashion suckers worldwide. The glamorous extravaganza happens this Thursday, September 6, 2012 and you've just got to be there! for those who aren't as well acquainted with this most marvelous day ever, I'll be glad to fill you in! Fashion's Night Out (FNO) is a global initiative to encourage us devoted shopaholics to support the fashion industry  through the worlds difficult economic climate. And as an added bonus, 40 percent of the proceeds from FNO sales will benefit the New York City Aids Fund.... Haute stuff! So basically, the more you shop that day at your fav house of couture the more they can improve and continue to deliver amazing collections throughout the up-incoming seasons to US all the while helping those in need. Works both ways right? Don't you worry, I'll be immensely updating you on all the news you need to know! So this ''Fashion Holiday'' is going to be happening everywhere, here in the USA, Australia, London, China, Paris, Milan...you name it! even though I will be covering NYC fashion week, I just have to show love to my city DC! we do celebrate FNO (so whom ever thinks we don't get it right!) the festivities happen in the beautiful Georgetown! IT STARTS FROM 6-11! SO MAKE UP AN EXCUSE TO LEAVE WORK!...IT'LL BE WORTH IT! They will be like 100 places to shop and celebrate! for more info on FNO Georgetown go to http://fnogeorgetowndc.com/ and for more on FNO globally simply go to fashionsnightout.com  for info on event listings near you! CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU AT FNO GTOWN! ... OR JUST RUB IT IN YOUR FACE THAT I WENT & YOU DIDN'T!

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