Thursday, February 10, 2011

CHANEL's ''Haute Couture'' Term Graces Its Spring-Summer 2011 Runway Show

Ok divas and divos, before we get to the juicy details of this lavishing event that took place on January 25, 2011 at the Pavillon Cambon Capucines in Paris…you know, the insane celebrity list, ravishing Chanel looks and a review on the show from designer Karl Lagerfeld from, lets wrap our fashion-crazed minds around this ‘’Haute Couture’’  term. Any suggestions on what it exactly is?  Oh never mind keep your red MAC covered lips shut because Bazzarly VOGUE News is going to tell all! According to an article from Chanel news the French adore ‘’Haute Couture’’. The term was actually made an Englishman named Charles Worth around Napoleon III era. Oh La La! Fashionistas such as Callot, Patou, Lanvin and of course Coco Chanel took over the ‘’Haute Couture’’ title after Worth and it remains elegant and magnificent to this day. Alright dolls, no need to get your silk Chanel undies in a bunch here’s the inside dish on everything ‘’Haute Couture’’ Celebrities such as Kirsten Dunst, Janelle Monae, Vanessa Paradis and Pedro Almodovar all sat in the front row with that classic runway star struck gaze you may have seen. (Alexander McQueen’s runway gazes are my all-time favorites) if you click here you will be located to the video of the extraordinarily grand show. Three words…to die for! Designer Karl Lagerfeld’s inspiration for the show was Marie Laurencin who rocked the ‘’Haute Couture’’ looks in his favorite years of 1908 and the 1930s.Kirsten dunst stated ‘’ the music made me a little emotional. It was beautifully done.’’ Pedro Almodovar stated ‘’ I was shocked. Karl is not only a genius, he is so peculiar. This kind of mixture he makes of lightness and the spectacular is very difficult. It is almost impossible to be more subtle and at the same time so spectacular. I am very moved by the show.’’ I don’t know about you guys but I reading about these alluring runway shows make me wish I was there. Congrads Chanel!

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