Thursday, March 31, 2011

Leather & Petite Spring-Summer Trend!, Bazzarly Vogue News’s Haven for all things fashion has a new trend that will definitely sweep the pages of my school newspaper Fashion column (Wink Wink!) Small Leather goods…Or to the Non Fashion educated people out there, LITTLE HANDBAGS! AND CLUTCHES GALORE! According to the site, its out with the overhauling big handbags such as ‘’The Drawstring’’ by Giorgio Armani shown on Harpers Bazaar’s fall 2010 handbag special. “Cleaning out my winter bag and carrying less makes me so happy,” Marina Munoz states on vogue. “I’ll save on weight and space by cutting out loose change and magazines,” jewelry designer Pamela Love says to vogue.

I know what you’re thinking voguer, just where to get these lavishing leather finds? has a new spring-summer collection of fine and purely high class style leather goods. Notice the goregous Gossip girl star Blake Lively in this ad, well she the ambasssadress for the Mademosielle Handbag Collection. Total Must Have Ladies!  So go to those labels and search, search, search! I’ll meet you there!

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